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Due to certain variables in the exam process, there is no specific passmark for the exams. 000001 12 26) One pint is the same as approximately 570ml. Entrance Books. Higher Education; University Results ; University Offers; US and international; University FAQ; Notable Alumni. How many pints are approximately the same as 4 litres? You should show all of your working out in the spaces provided. 7) Both of these nets fold to make a cube. Every other kind of help through this Site & WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram. 2. Dictionaries are NOT allowed. Our motto: “By the Jamian, for the Jamian” 3. Practice Entrance Examination for entry into Year 7 Mathematics Paper Time allowed – 1 hour Name: Date of birth: Present school: Please attempt as many questions as you can. Answer both Section A and Section B. 1.
8) Work out the value of: Please put your name on all the sheets of paper you use. Previous Year Entrance Papers. You may NOT make notes on this exam paper during the 5 minutes of reading time. St. Francis’ College Practice Paper ENGLISH Entry into Year 7 Time allowed - 1 hour However, as a rough guide, if your son is scoring 50% and over he is well on the way to reaching the MGS entrance criteria; the exercise simply gives us a great deal of insight into how boys respond to a range of questions under pressure. Information for candidates: 1. We realise that sitting an entrance exam is a daunting task, and it is important to say that our papers are designed to challenge the mind of any child (and parent) attempting them. Write your name and school on this page. If you cannot do a question leave it out and if you have time you can come back to it at the end. Circle the closest answer Equipment needed: Pen and lined paper . There are 6 components in the Year 7 Selective Entry / Scholarship entrance exam: English Comprehension; Essay Writing – Creative; Essay Writing – Analytical; Maths; Numerical Reasoning; Verbal Reasoning; Important points to remember. Important Dates Notification. Syllabus of every course at JMI.

Write your answers on the separate paper provided. 4. Visit our website for a range of English & maths sample entrance exam papers ranging from year 3 to year 8. 239 + 1486 = 2. Latest Exam Results; Previous Years: IB; Previous Years: Year 11; Free Open Lectures; Beyond Sevenoaks. Shade the square that will be opposite the black square when the net is folded into a cube. Study Materials (Free).