Dorrit Hoffleit Undergraduate Research Scholarship Spend the Summer at Yale working as a Researcher in Astronomy The Dorrit Hoffleit Undergraduate Astronomy Research Fellowship at Yale is named in honor of Dr. E. Dorrit Hoffleit, a senior research astronomer at Yale who worked for more than fifty years in the University’s Department of Astronomy. Yale financial aid awards meet 100% of demonstrated financial need without any loans. Interested students should look at the Research … FAQs. Estimate your cost in 3 minutes » The best way to experience Yale is to visit campus.

Join a campus tour and information session, and leave time to explore New Haven. Research from Yale College Departments & Programs + Y ale Graduate and Professional Schools
Many cognitive science majors are interested in finding positions as research assistants – either during the academic year here at Yale, or over the summer break at Yale or near home. ... Yale Undergraduate Research Association (YURA) YURA Research Database. Index of All Resources Explore Research at Yale. 64% of students receive financial assistance. Still have a question?

The Yale BioMed Amgen Scholars Program is a research-intensive summer training program in biomedical research for undergraduate students who plan to obtain a PhD or MD-PhD in the biomedical sciences. A comprehensive list of all research-related resources at Yale in alphabetical order.

The Yale Undergraduate Research Journal (YURJ) is issuing its first ever call for submissions! The SUMRY program is a ten-­week undergraduate research program run by the mathematics department at Yale University, usually between early June and early August.

Research The Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at Yale is a multi-disciplinary group of investigators committed to understanding the cellular, genetic and molecular basis of a diverse range of biological processes. There are many, many undergraduate research opportunities available to you! 60+ fields of study, including the humanities, social sciences, & STEM. You have been a Yale undergraduate student within the last year.

The Research Database (RDB) is created by the Yale Undergraduate Research Association (YURA) as a cross-disciplinary database of Yale faculty with profile and research information. This page provides an overview of the most important information.

Some labs take on undergraduates during the academic year either for academic credit, for pay (through work-study program, etc.)

3. Compiled and maintained by the Yale Undergraduate Research Association (YURA), Research Database features: 1400+ faculty listings with research descriptions. You conducted research as a Yale undergraduate, whether during the year or over the summer.

or on a volunteer basis.