International revenues also rose by 55% (CNBC). MCI WorldCom was one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. MCI WorldCom Scandal Essay. Monks and Minow says that WorldCom relied heavily on acquisition to fuel its growth (577). WorldCom is located at Mississippi. 1. Starting with only about $650,000 of capital, the leading telecommunication operator, soon accumulated a debt of $1.5 million because of the lack of expertise in handle accounts of large companies. Custom «The Largest Corporate Scandals: Enron, WorldCom, Tyco» Essay Paper essay WorldCom was founded in 1983 as Long Distance Discount Services. WORLDCOM’S ACCOUNTING SCANDAL WorldCom, established in 1983, whose CEO was Bernard Ebbers, was the second largest long distance phone company in the US after AT&T. Enron and Worldcom Scandals Check out the essay model on Enron and Worldcom Scandals to start writing! Bernie Ebbers founded WorldCom in 1983, after that WorldCom began as a re-seller of long-distance telephone services. WorldCom fall down was the biggest bankruptcy in US corporate history: 20,000 employees lost their jobs, shareholders lost about 180billion dollars. How did WORLDCOM cook its books?

WorldCom’s sales surged to $8 billion at the growth rate of 14%. 3. The WorldCom scandal was a major accounting scandal that came to light in the summer of 2002 at WorldCom, the nation's second largest long-distance telephone company at the time.From 1999 to 2002, senior executives at WorldCom led by founder and CEO Bernard Ebbers orchestrated a scheme to inflate earnings in order to maintain WorldCom's stock price. Enron 1 . WorldCom’s accounting scandal 2. Introduction. Conclusion WORLDCOM headquarter in Virginia, USA. Worldcom Accounting Scandal Essay Pages: 6 (1426 words); MCI worldcom Essay Pages: 4 (956 words); The Baptist Foundation Of Arizona Accounting Essay Pages: 7 (1651 words); The Accounting Standard Setting Process Accounting Essay Pages: 4 (925 words); Ethical Issues Evident In Enron Case Accounting Essay Pages: 5 (1045 words) MCI, Inc. (previously Worldcom and MCI WorldCom) was a telecommunications company. Worldcom Scandal Essay The purpose of this report is to look back at one of the biggest US corporate scandals: WorldCom.