Besides that, I can't very well throw the television on the table at school so students can do their printmaking on it. Will Television ever Replace the Newspaper? However, I am terribly sad about the struggle of the print newspaper industry.

Since the… I have been exposed to the inner-workings of newspapers for a long time, and I have seen firsthand that the declining interest in print editions has put a strain on newspapers, ofte Mary Baine (July 2011) No, you cannot swat a fly with a television! On internet you get all the news you need,whether it is local or an event happening somewhere faraway in other land. Print Newspapers vs. Online Editions: The Pros and Cons .

As a newspaper enthusiast, I am happy about the success of online newspapers. Maury M. Breecher. If you buy a new encyclopedia and read it all the info is current . Internet is likely to replace paper With libraries becoming more and more empty it is already evident internet has replaced most books. The future of newspapers in the digital age based on two case studies, discussed from an international perspective and exploring ethical, social and professional aspects of the issue. People are kept up-to-date with receiving news on internet.

In the last decade journalism has entered a stage in which news organisations are less reluctant to invest in online operations, but An Nguyen’s study starts from the premise that they do so driven not by the desire to innovate and fully exploit the potential of online news, but because of the fear that the internet will replace traditional media in the news market. Thanks to the Internet more local information (as opposed to news reports) is available than ever. But open it a year later and some of it may have changed. But the real loss will be journalist eyes probing and interpreting local events and trends. Most of us like to READ!

I predict that television will never replace the newspaper...not for Mensans, anyway. Especially in terms of information. Soon, experts say, your local paper won't be printed on paper.Pointing to a "mediamorphosis" in which newspapers are recreating themselves on the Internet, mass communication analysts have shown that online …

It is a very interesting trend. It’s true internet having worldwide news and not just the local news, is an advantage to who are using internet to fetch news. The television, the radio, the newspaper (printed) is already becoming out of date , since most people watch and read the same news stories with the help of Social Media. The rise of internet usage is another factor for this kind of a trend and also the time spent by users in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus adds to that.

The newspaper of the future. It has changed our culture.