The Electoral College has been a system that the United States of America keeps in use since the constitution has first been in place in 1787.

The Electoral College can only be justified if, sometimes, it is appropriate for a candidate to win the presidency without winning the popular vote.

Politics can be difficult to understand but everything has a purpose and the purpose of the Electoral College is to, “The first purpose was to create a buffer between population and the selection of a President. And even then, that was and is the Electoral College’s purpose; the power is vested in the states, not the individual.

However, the Electoral College has besides spawned a crave ongoing contest encircling whether the Electoral College should be mad in good-earn of novel methods, which would secure that the claimant elected has the most approved votes. Check it out in the ‘5 Minute Version’ below and don’t forget to subscribe to get next week’s story deli Many citizens have debated about whether we should keep the Electoral College or resort to a popular.

Despite much discussion to abolish the Electoral College, no other idea has been proposed and approved to do so. Advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College custom essay1. Short on time? The Electoral College is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution but states are allowed to determine how electors are selected. Read More.

It is sometimes reported that Richard M. Nixon received more popular votes in the 1960 election than winner John F. Kennedy , but official results showed Kennedy with 34,227,096 popular votes to Nixon's 34,107,646. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College.2.

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Federalism involves diffusion of powers among federal, state, and local governments rather than a strong central government. A key argument to keep the Electoral College is that the process is integral to America’s federalist philosophy. We consolidate every article and add some fun visuals for our email subscribers. Fortunately, it is. Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College Essay Instead, the Electoral College should be revise. Small states and large states have their say in …

The contention balance the Electoral College must be silent in direct to reform apprehobject how and why U.S. presidents are elected. We skip some background information, but otherwise it’s the same great content in a fun package. In the Electoral College, Trump was granted 306 votes to Clinton's 232. Compare the powers The Importance Of The Electoral College 1424 Words | 6 Pages . In this fact, it should remain in place as the way the nation decides on who its leader …