Reasons why teachers should be paid more The work of teachers has a direct impact on the societies regarding developing and improving the lives of the students.
A lot of people believe that teachers should get paid more, but there are some that do not. They not only teach students how to read, write, and calculate math problems, but they do so much more. Teachers are an important part of our society. Central Idea: Teachers’ pay should be increased because of the responsibilities they hold, the importance of their jobs, and the fact that the quality of teachers are reducing due to the salary. Profession teacher cannot be written off in time. 1. From time immemorial and until the end of time, teachers are in demand in any society, because they form the social environment, they prepare a forge of cadres, they adapt to … Here are some reasons why teachers need to be paid more. Teachers are like a power source. They work outside of the classroom Teachers should be paid more because of amount of work, behavior, and importance of job.The average teacher pay last year was 57,000.That's not a … Unfortunately though, teachers are not getting paid enough for the work they do. Persuasive Essay (Teacher Pay) November 22, 2017 November 23, ... All teachers should be paid more than the current national average because they have a challenging job, their current salaries are insufficient, and a higher salary would lead to a better quality of education. Why Teachers Should be Paid More Essay Sample. The value that they impact to the students is directly seen in their behaviors and general life, especially the active life’s attribute. In my opinion they should be getting paid twice as much as their current income.
Parents that want their kids to have a good education want teachers to get paid more. Why Teachers Should Be Paid More Many people wonder if teachers should or should not get paid more than they do. Introduction: I. So why are sports players so much more glorified than teachers. Imagine how your life would be right now if there was no elementary school, no high school, no college. Why Teachers Should be Paid More Jenni Malone How many of you believe teachers should be paid more?