Why prisoners should not vote. It comes several years after the European Court of Human Rights called a ban on inmate voting "unlawful".

14/11/2014 by Ugur Nedim. Should Prisoners be Allowed to Vote? by Larry Horist 4 Comments Before addressing the voting rights of imprisoned criminals, we need to note that America has more people in prison than any nation on earth. Print. Should being in prison prevent people from exercising their right to vote?
I believe prisoners should have the right to vote because they are humans, like us and have been downgraded and have had a human right taken away from them.

Should prisoners have the right to vote.

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Should Prisoners be Allowed to Vote? Print This Article Share it With Friends. I realize that I am in the minority here, and most of you reading this likely fall into the “lose right to vote until sentence is complete” bar, but let me tell you why you’re wrong. Get Your Custom Essay on Should Felons Be Allowed to Vote Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper Opponents of felon ballot say the limitations are consistent with other ballot restrictions such as age, residency, psychological capacity, and other felon limitations such … In terms of “per capita,” we are the third highest nation.

May 09. Opinion: Why prisoners should have the right to vote 03/03/2019 Watch: Kiwi prisoners fighting for the right to vote had a big legal win last year, but it might not be enough to force a change. So when they are sent to prison, the feel like they are lower than other people and that the government doesn't care about them any more. MPs are voting on whether some prisoners should be allowed to vote.

Being locked up as a punishment restricts the liberty of an individual, and it also isolates that person from the community.