The ink is the cheapest part. One could search the local newspapers for classified sections where one can view condos and their prices. The ink is cheap. Also, most newspapers get some amount of newsprint (the paper on which news is printed) on a subsidy from the government.

Here’s mine.

The New York Times introduced digital subscriptions to pay to read the newspaper online, on mobile apps, and via an iPad.

Also, they don't use small, disposable, easily maintained printers. Newspapers buy a shitload of ink, I know Flint Ink is huge in the business. They use massive 4 story tall machines. You're paying for ink, the cartridge, the confidence, and you're subsidizing the cheap printer you just bought. This is because the printing press works so fast with so much pressure and tonnage in both ink and paper that if it was not designed to remain wet the press' would become useless in a matter of minutes. There are many places that one can book or rent cheap condos in Jackson, Mississippi. A reader shared his newspaper dilemma about whether he should continue subscribing to the newspaper. To increase the circulation, newspapers have to be priced very low. One thing people do not realize is that the ink in newsprint never quite dries. Newspapers buy ink and paper. This helps them to keep costs low to a certain extent.