Loneliness should not be equated with a fear of being alone. Living alone means freedom, never being bored, going to bed at eight if I feel like it, feeding myself as I like, thinking, pottering and yelling at the radio without feeling a fool.

like its not that i dont like my friends, its jjust that when im alone, i dont have to try, i can just be myself. Being alone gives me the quiet time to really think about my life and what I want to do with it. …

Go to a movie alone. Solitude is the state of being alone and secluded from other people, and often implies having made a conscious choice to be alone. When I’m alone, I have time to think about my goals and to develop a strategy to reach them. Everyone has times when they are alone for situational reasons, or because they have chosen to be alone. how can i stop being lazy? I typically don’t connect with people, and I don’t want to. In this article i will tell you why do some people like to be alone.

Of course, I can think about these things when I’m with others, but it’s harder to concentrate in a crowd. i had plans everyday this week and had a date this weekend but i cancelled all of them, cause id rather just stay home and watch movies. You can get up when you want, do what you want WHEN you want, and basically don't have to cater to anyone else. I don’t dislike people, or feel like they are not good enough to be my friend, nor am I concerned that I am not good enough to be theirs. For starters, differentiation (being a separate, autonomous individual) and linkage (being emotionally and physically close) are essential ingredients for a healthy relationship. Being alone can be beautiful, but if you want to add people to your life, finding a purpose for your existence is the fastest way to do it. 11. The reason why some people like to be alone. Because human beings are complex no single reason can explain a certain behavior but instead more than one person can be engaged in the same behavior for completely different reasons. im 16 and it seems like lately id rather be by myself than with friends. I really prefer to be alone. There are several reasons why spending some time alone can actually improve our relationships. It's all about YOU. Being alone means you can move at your own pace. Being Alone Can Actually Strengthen Relationships with Others. Being alone can be experienced as positive, pleasurable, and emotionally refreshing if it is under the individual's control.