Does the author have an agenda? 7. Using vague web content on free article sites probably isn’t a good idea because many of these articles are written to create traffic for the writer’s website or blog. Many health reports in the media are based on articles published in peer-reviewed journals; however, some reports are not. Note: many non-peer reviewed journals have some peer-reviewed articles in them, so this is not a 100% sure check. Always consider the source and check references before making a decision about whether or not an article contains reliable information. Determining Source Reliability What is a suitable academic source? Articles from scholarly, peer-reviewed, academic, and refereed journals are more credible than articles from popular or trade journals ('magazines') because they have gone through the most rigorous review process. Peer review (assessment of a study by others working in the same field) does not guarantee that published studies are reliable.

This article has come at a very interesting time when we at our localMRCPsych training were discussing about the reliability of research studies and biases involved. In the diagram below, "Fuel Cell" is a non-peer reviewed magazine, whereas "Cell Proliferation" is a peer reviewed journal, as indicated by the Referee Jersey icon to … They also have the most references or citations.

Generally speaking, if you are undertaking reading for your assignments you will focus on peer-reviewed journal articles, books and reputable websites.Depending on your course of study you may also have to read other official material such as law cases, government papers, conference papers, policy documents etc. When you see a report on television, in a magazine, or in a brochure, you must consider where this information came from, who provided the information, whether the source is credible, who did the study, and whether it is consistent with other research. Even though a comparison of treatments has been published in a prestigious journal, it may not be a fair comparison and the results may not be reliable.