Pakistan is located between 23 degrees.30 North to 37 degrees North Latitude and 61 degrees East to 77 degrees East Longitude. Pakistan is a democratic country which is being run on the principles of Islam. Technical education is very important in the modern age. Because what Pakistan needs today is government officers that can process information and harness technology to formulate policy and provide sound service delivery to the public. ADVERTISEMENTS: Pakistan is a nation that has suffered chaos, anguish and pain and yet it is still alive and surviving despite the diseases it has been plagued with. India lies in the East and in the South is Arabian Sea. Sindh has the highest rate of HIV with more than 50,000 patients. Its economy is crippling, in the world’s eyes it is losing its respect as a nation and what this nation needs is … ENERGY CRISIS IN PAKISTAN AND NEED FOR ALTERNATE RESOURCES Nuclear Advantages Australia 1,074,000-30% Kazakhstan 622,000-17% Canada 439,000-12% South... 421 Words 2 Pages The Importance of Location

The Pakistan Education Task Force has argued ever that Pakistan needs to give the highest possible to priority to education for good reasons. The aim of technical education is to provide instruction and training in skills that have a practical utility. The government needs to take serious action to prevent HIV AIDS in Pakistan as the number of patients with this disease is growing at an alarming rate with each passing year. The major cause of this disease in Pakistan is the use of infected syringes among the drug addicts. Important Essay Topics For CSS 2020 In the following list, you are taking out the list of all the important CSS English essay topic for 2020 examinations. Due to unavailability of education there is a no single chance that the government will reach the development goals by 2015 on education. Pakistan’s balance of payment crisis stems from a rising trade deficit, which in turn results from rising imports, which touched a record $60.898 billion at the end of the previous fiscal year.

The word Pakistan was coined by Choudhry Rahmat Ali [1] in 1933. Problems with Education Education is a very important aspect of the lives of all people all over the world. These are analyzed from the last few years, and we are also providing you the past papers so that you can take a better assistance regarding the preparation of your exams.

Originally the word was Pakstan meant collective term for regions of Punjab, North-West Frontier Province (Afghan Province), Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan.

What we learn, not just in the classroom, shapes who we are. Essay on Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan. We take our education everywhere we go. Pakistan Needs China’s Help for Electricity The early phase of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is on track to add 8.6 gigawatts to Pakistan’s electricity grid by 2020.

Importance of Pakistan Location Location of Pakistan. Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia.It is the world's fifth-most populous country with a population exceeding 212.2 million. China lies in the north of Pakistan while Afghanistan and Iran are in the West of it. Allah has bestowed many things to Pakistan for example different seasons and abundant mineral resources. Pakistan has 5 provinces and people mistakenly believe that there are 4 provinces. It helps us to meet the needs of the industrial age.