And the answer is, you should not eat wax paper. I cant remember what americans call it, but its the paper you put in pans when baking a cake.

But what happens if you eat wax paper accidentally? The Starburst wrapper won't dissolve unless you are incredibly patient. If you eat too much of it, you're liable to block your bowels and end up in the hospital. It is for cooking purposes and a kitchen tool. Oh, and some papers might contain toxins. The idea to eat toilet paper randomly occurred to Sylvester one day while using the bathroom. Read the next part to know more about it. But kids might be more sensitive. When you eat food, the first stage to digesting it is the process of chewing it down and breaking it up; failure to do this properly – because you’ve been in a rush, or because you were talking or eating in front of the TV, is not only impolite but also a fast track to a range of health difficulties. Is it safe to eat food if baking paper has stuck to it?

In most cases there wouldn't be enough toxic substances to be a problem. Assuming you didn't eat too much, it'll run through your gut and eventually leave as waste. Don’t worry, you will okay it’s not toxic. A mum-of-five has revealed she eats an entire LOO ROLL every day. I made a muesli bar out of old cereal and I sprayed the baking paper, then put the muesli in and the entire muesli is stuck to the paper and it …

Technically, you definitely can. Jade Sylvester, 25, developed a craving for clean toilet paper during a recent pregnancy and now eats as … It's not like Botan Rice Candy, where the inner wrapper is some sort of rice paper that dissolves in your mouth. It's just waxy paper that covers the candy, but you most likely wouldn't want to. It’s not a food item that people can eat.