primary, secondary, and tertiary literature. Almost every scholarly article begins with an introduction, offering more detail than the abstract. Literature Review using sample articles from PubMed, this guide will examine each component in detail, complete with in … the peer-review process. After reading the title, researchers commonly scan the abstract to determine what the authors found, and based on this information they often decide if they will read the rest of the paper. Introduction. Along with the title, this is one of the most important components of a research article. If the article is based on primary research, it may also include the reasons why the research was conducted. Read the abstract before you read the article. the basic structure of the typical scholarly research article based on the IMRaD format. An abstract is a summary of the contents of the article. Scholarly journals: Article types & Research article components Importance of journals Academics share their theories and research findings with the academic community in many ways -- by communicating informally with their colleagues, presenting papers at conferences, writing books and book chapters, blog posts, tweets, etc.