Define the main values of American patriotism in the intro. Highlight the main elements in the conclusion.

Obligations of patriotism: The word- patriotism invokes a host of qualities or virtues. Patriotism: Love of the Country Essay Patriotism is the feeling of love and respect of your country, its history and traditions. Patriotism inspires a man to do everything just and fair for the well being and betterment of the country. All they want to do is celebrate the summer, which usually involves waving of the red-white-and-blue. Long and Short Essay on Patriotism in English Patriotism Essay 1 (200 words) Patriotism is putting the interest of one’s country first, working for its development and sacrificing for it if need. As long as your actions stand for freedom, independence and our rights as people and citizens, you’re a patriot. The potentially thorny issues of patriotism need not concern young children. Many people think that patriotism is all about laying one’s life for his/ her country but it does not necessarily mean that. Here are 10 ways that your kids can celebrate living in America : Wear a Flag T-Shirt (many styles available at Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy and more) Patriotism is a natural and probably the most important factor of the country’s success, because if people are the patriots, they work hard for the development of their country, protection of its historical heritage and improvement of the love towards the culture of the nation. Take advantage of patriotism essay examples. All in all, there are numerous, spectacular ways to express patriotism, whether it’s a protest for the good of your community, state or country, or being a friend and teacher to those who need one. Explain your choice in the body, where each paragraph is dedicated to one value, with facts and proofs. It is the quality that impels a man to sacrifice his own interest, comfort, pleasure and even his life for the sake of his own country.