XE Waterproof Laser Paper is a range of ultra-durable synthetic papers which look and print like paper whilst providing the strength and resistance of polyester based film. Here at Ashgrove we are specialists in innovative, creative papers for digital print and have more than 50 tonnes in stock. Excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications. BUILT TO LAST – WATERPROOF, TEARPROOF, WEATHERPROOF – Completely Indestructible! PRODUCT DETAILS Spartanline: ...Totally Waterproof and Tearproof, this paper is "practically indestructible." Our best-selling 11x17 paper. Suitable for any condition. Compatible with ballpoint pens, copy machines, laser printer and digital presses, TerraSlate is a synthetic paper that never needs laminating. 99 TerraSlate Paper has proven to be the world's most tear-proof & waterproof laser printer paper. We recently found PuffinPaper - a waterproof paper that we like better than any other. In addition to being waterproof, PuffinPaper is tear resistant, abrasion resistant, puncture resistant and all-around durable. Weatherproof Paper is a synthetic paper similar to a thin plastic sheet. You can write on it in any weather or climate and print on it with laser printers, inkjet printers or plain-paper copiers. Meter Waterproof Paper is a highly durable range of synthetic paper that is suitable for use in extreme conditions.

Waterproof Paper . Use iGage Weatherproof paper when you need a durable waterproof map paper or sign paper. Digital printing technology has advanced massively in recent years meaning you can print on many more paper types.

SYNTHETIC PAPER – WILL NOT TEAR and is WATERPROOF so you can write in the rain or even under water. It is excellent for extreme outdoor, marine, lab, and field use. We think that it will become your favorite paper too. As well as being 100% Waterproof the product is also grease, oil and dirt proof, and all spills and stains are repelled and do not affect the printed surface. ... DigiTuff, a glossy alternative in a heavy "cover" stock.

GET MORE VALUE – 4-PACK consists of 192 PAGES IN TOTAL - Each book contains 48 PAGES (24 sheets). Ruff-n-Tuff, a hybrid paper which is extremely paper-like in feel and appearance.

digital paper innovation.

RC Ultra Premium Photo Paper - 8.5x11 High Glossy Photographic Paper 100% Waterproof - Uinkit 60Sheets For Inkjet Printing 4.6 out of 5 stars 156 $16.99 $ 16 .