For generations, dissertation defenses have been crowning moments for PhD candidates, something they spend years visualizing.

The committee members will push on you, and you will never know what will happen. The dissertation defense is a severe test for mental health, so never go beyond your psychological limits. Tips & Tricks: Virtual thesis defense and submission Rice's virtual defenders With the world moving online, the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies revamped the process for thesis defense announcements and thesis submission, and students and thesis committees quickly moved to an online defense process. At a defense, a student presents work and fields questions; the professors on the dissertation committee then confer … She also put those analytical methods to work identifying pollutants found in waterways such as rivers and lakes, and in water released from wastewater treatment plants. Virtual Thesis Defense with BlueJeans Step-by-Step Procedure for Virtual Thesis Defenses. Welcome to the new world of the online dissertation defense, one of many changes academia is making during the Covid-19 pandemic. For her dissertation research, she developed lab techniques for detecting chemicals such as antibiotics, pesticides and industrial compounds in the environment. KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 2, 2020) — PhD candidate, Joel Elliott, successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in the School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development’s first all-virtual defense on Friday, March 27th.

His dissertation, “Taking Terrorists at Their Word: Testing the Co-Religionist Hypothesis in Islamic State …

The joys and trials of defending a dissertation virtually When most aspects of university life moved online because of COVID-19, so, too, did the thesis defense for Ph.D. candidates.

Despite some challenges, the shift had unexpected benefits. Thesis Defenses will take place virtually through BlueJeans Meetings. As members of the UW community, you have access to Zoom for these activities, but you are free to use whichever platform will work for your purposes (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, etc.). Although Veblen said both live and virtual defenses work well, she prefers the live thesis defense when it is possible.

A public presentation of the thesis will be given by the candidate. “One of the things that's nice about it in person defense is that oftentimes, like loved ones will come and participate and sit there for the public presentation,” Veblen noted. Try to keep ‘poker face’ in terrible situations during the discussion and leave some room for smiling and enthusiasm. PSOM AV will set-up and provide the Meeting URL and the Meeting ID, as well as moderate the meeting. Climate Response to Perturbations: Role of Ocean and Sea Ice. DATE: Friday, April 17, 2020 a new way to conduct dissertation defenses. If you have a committee meeting, general exam, or dissertation defense scheduled in Spring 2020 (and possibly longer), we encourage you to make use of an online platform of your choosing. You can even add some humor to reduce stress.