[…] This has fueled the high growth in the US domestic video game industry. Violent games are highly watched by adolescents and even children watch them from the influence of adults who give them a video to watch, or the ones who encourage them to … Violent video games have been a subject under discussion for many years. I have finished the first and second paragraph of this essay and now I need you to help me to finish the third paragraph. Violent video game had been a problem in the Unite States. Essay. Essay on books vs electronic media, essay on topic do good have good give me an example of an essay, can money buy happiness no essay essay on need of yoga and exercise write essay outline how to, write an essay on old age and social security in 250 words Essay violent should games video prohibited be on my dream house essay in tamil language. Around 97% of violent video games players are young people between the ages of 12 to 17 year. bitmob February 24, 2010 10:13 PM Over the last 40 years from their inception video games have been very popular among children and young people. the first paragraph I talk how violent video game cause aggression, the second paragraph i talk how violent video game has a correlation with crime.

Many people believe that violent video games should be banned, claiming they have negative effects on people. Video GA mess do show violence to some point, and according to Video Game Research, “It provides an excellent training ground to learn aggression Violent Video Game Campaign ).

Should Video Games Be Banned? Video games have always had a lot of conflicting opinions and perceptions. Violent video games can be defined as an electronically manipulated images produced by a computer involving physical force intended to hurt, damage or kill someone or something. This leads children to criminal and antisocial behavior. (2) There are many elements that should be considered in order to determine whether or not violent video games should be banned. The studies showed the men who played 10 or more hours

Violent Video Games Should Be Banned Argumentative Essay Parents don’t actually know how violent video games actually are and use them to keep their children busy while they are minding their own business so there is no parental supervision. Dr. Yang Wang a assistant professor in the Department of Radiology and imagining sciences at Indiana University school where he tested men who played violent video games 10 or more hours a week and men who don't play at all. ” There should be concern especially when parents see that their child is already acting out in violent ways, then buying games that show violence and are not rated for them should be avoided. The 14th Amendment means, that no State has the right to prohibit a person to stop playing violent video The effects of the violent video games, mostly affect the audience, regardless of the age (Anderson, & Brad, 354). And for the third paragraph can … Continue reading Violent video game should be prohibited