Many people believe that violent video games should be banned, claiming they have negative effects on people.Violent video game is not like the real-world.

Video games have become not only a form of entertainment, but also another way for people to escape reality and to enter their own virtual fantasy. First and foremost, violent video games interrupt human personality. Violent Video Games Should not be Banned By Chris Taylor Com/156 Effective Persuasive Essay August 1, 2010 Violent Video Games should not be Banned Violent video games that promote violence and criminal activity should not be banned because each game is properly labeled.

Therefore their opinion is quite relevant to the issue. Violent video games should not be banned from the United States. They are professionals who know what they are talking about. Should violent video games be banned? Get Your Custom Essay on Why Violent Video Games Should Not Be Banned Just from $13,9/Page ... My second reason why I think violent video games should not be banned is because I don’t think the violent video games are what is causing the younger generation to commit all these crimes.

Many say that say they shouldn’t, these people include Christopher J. Ferguson, PhD, of Texas A&M International University, Patrick Markey, PhD and Kierkegaard. There actual opinion … Violent video games are not related to real-world violence. Even if a state was to ban the sale of violent video games they would be going against the constitution.

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One reason why I think this is because most kids around the world play violent video games. These games in fact can enhance reading and visual skills that can be used in the real world. This essay will provide arguments for and against the “violent games should be prohibited”, in order to help the reader identify his/her opinion on the topic.

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