“Lecturing is not simply a matter of standing in front of a class and reciting what you know. The classroom lecture is a special form of communication in which voice, gesture, movement, facial expression, and eye contact can either complement or detract from the content. Print Version by Shalyn Claggett, Lecturer, Vanderbilt English Department The Stigma of Athleticism As Julie Cheville points out in her book, Minding the Body: What Student Athletes Know About Learning (Boynton/Cook, 2001), student athletes often fear that they will be stigmatized for their athleticism in the classroom. ; VU's retirement vendor, Fidelity Investments, has launched a new portal including links to register for upcoming webcasts, watch recordings, and find other on-demand web training for employees at all life stages. Accommodating Student Athletes In the Classroom. Benefits Overview and FAQs News and Updates. Check out the FAQ section for answers to commonly asked benefits questions.