The Office of Research fosters the advancement of cutting-edge research discoveries and technology at the University of Texas at Dallas, an innovative institution in the heart of North Texas that has achieved Tier One national research … University of Texas at Dallas scientists have demonstrated that the growth rate of the majority of lung cancer … The library's subscription includes journals only and not other publications of the American Association for Cancer Research. UT Dallas doctoral students Sagar Sohoni (left) and Poorva Ghosh (right) worked with Dr. Li Zhang (center) on a new study that showed that the expansion of lung tumors slowed when access to heme — the oxygen-binding molecule in hemoglobin — was restricted. Further research … American Association for Cancer Research From molecules to medicine, from proteomics to prevention, the journals of the AACR cover the entire spectrum of cancer research. Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas have devised a new technique to isolate aggressive cells thought to form the root of many hard-to-treat metastasized cancers — a … Recent grants to UT Dallas have supported the establishment of a small-animal imaging facility and separate research to develop a noninvasive imaging technique to detect glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. UT Southwestern researchers found, among other results, rare variants of a gene responsible for reduced levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) among African-Americans.