Electronic submission of dissertations to the Digital Conservancy date from 2007. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Effects on Registered Nurses Background: Nursing turnover is reaching disturbing rates and proving to be a crisis. The dissertation is motivated by and grounded in real supply chains. UMD’s institutional repository has merged with the University Digital Conservancy.

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As oxygen tension decreases, cellular stiffness increases, to … In sickle cell disease, oxygen tension plays a major role in dictating the mechanical function of single red blood cells. Nurses are leaving the profession mostly due to stress from clinical work and inability to practice as they were prepared. The network data and the operational context are related to world-renowned manufacturing and/or logistics companies.
For more help check out How to Find University of Minnesota Doctoral Dissertations and Master's Theses. This dissertation is concerned with a move toward community engagement within academia generally, and more specifically the concepts of legitimacy and belonging in engagement practices. Strategies are needed to assist nurses manage clinical work and their overall health. The dissertation takes a multi-method approach by utilizing data analytics, stochastic optimization, agent-based simulation, multi-level analysis, etc.

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