We will send you an email to that address with a special token.

Instructions: Please provide the email address used when registering your account. Recommended step by step process for MS and PhD students in Computer Science.

Send email request for “Graduation Check” to cs-grad@uic.edu at least one month prior to the term you intend to graduate. Defense and Submission. We will then send you an email with a special token, click on the token to come back to the UIC Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Submission System where you will be able to complete your account registration. ... All UIC dissertations are now submitted electronically. Choosing a thesis advisor is a process in which your first few semesters of coursework will be a great help. The Graduate College’s Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) guidelines and Thesis Manual can assist you in preparing and submitting your thesis.

You … UIC ONLINE THESIS SUBMISSION When to Submit the ETD to the Graduate College Thesis Office Students must submit an online Intent to Graduate no later than the end of the third week. Include your name, UIN, program (if MS identify thesis, project or coursework only option), and expected graduation term.

Taking courses will help you to focus a specific academic interest, which in turn will allow you to identify UIC computer science faculty experts in this area.
MS Thesis Information thesis process Completing a master’s thesis is an excellent way to gain research experience, build a strong relationship with UIC Engineering faculty members in your field, and develop expertise in a particular topic—which can increase your standing in the eyes of potential employers and/or doctoral programs. University of Illinois at Chicago netID & Password.

Please select an authentication method. Your thesis deposit is not complete until you have made all corrections requested by the Graduate College Thesis Office and have submitted all supporting items required for the deposit.All corrections and additional materials must be received in satisfactory condition by the Thesis Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day of the deposit deadline for your intended graduation period.

This means you need to be able to generate a PDF version of your dissertation for submission. Instructions: Begin by providing your email address.

Users who no longer have an active UIC netID should select this option to login with or create a Thesis & Dissertation System account. Following your defense, the final version of your thesis must be reviewed by your advisor and the graduate program coordinator at gradbioe@uic.edu before it is submitted to the Graduate College through the ETD submission system.

Graduation Guidelines. If your netID has expired.

Your objective is to write a proposal that is intelligible to an educated non-specialist, and convince them that the proposed work is worth doing.

... Friday, July 26 – Last day to submit defended and approved thesis to graduate college for summer graduation. UIC Thesis & Dissertation Submission System.

General Instructions.