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Please review the revised instructions on how to submit your final hardcopy. Engineering Senior Honors Thesis Representative. an M.S. degree (direct-admit program) in Mechanical Engineer¬ing or in a related field, preferably from an accredited engineering program. Prepare the final copy for binding according to the binding & formatting guidelines for the College of Engineering. Full Time Students currently register for 12 credit hours of research and/or organized classes each long semester and 6 credit hours of research and/or organized classes in the summer semester.

9 credit hours of thesis (CIVE 6398, 6399, 7399). University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering E421 Engineering Bldg 2 4722 Calhoun Rd Houston, TX 77204-4007. degree (standard admission) or a B.S.

Miranda Vernon-Harrison is your contact from the Cullen College of Engineering.. Courses outside CIVE can be 4000 level or above; a maximum of 3 credit hours below the 6000 level will be allowed.

Department of Mechanical Engineering N207 Engineering Bldg 1 4726 Calhoun Rd Houston, TX 77204-4006 Phone: 713-743-4500 Campus Map Google Map The deadline and location for submitting a defended Master’s Thesis, PhD Dissertation, or Honors Thesis to Legacy Bookbinding is: Changes to Thesis/Dissertation Submission Process for Spring 2020 The College of Engineering’s Deans Office will not be accepting theses and dissertations in person for Spring 2020. three letters of rec¬ommendation attesting to the student’s capacity to perform in the classroom and in …

Part time students usually take 2 courses in each long semester and 1 course in the summer semester. Deadlines for submission can also be found on the Cullen College of Engineering website.. Students who complete a Senior Honors Thesis will graduate with an Honors designation, which will be noted on the official transcript. Students pursuing a masters of science without thesis are required to take 30 hours of organized courses. Collaborative efforts between The Honors College, the Office of Undergraduate Research, and each College at the University of Houston ensures students’ success in the Senior Honors Thesis program. At most 6 credit hours of courses in approved related fields outside Civil Engineering may be counted toward the degree.