Years have since passed, but the essay still expresses the intellectual experience I hoped for, and found, at UChicago. comment. First things first, I'm so happy to be accepted into UChicago's Class of 2022! Here's my "Uncommon" Essay. The letter X is a two-dimensional figure, but it takes three dimensions to draw. More straightforward. Share Tweet Post Message.

Basically, my essay wasn't very creative. I mean I know Uchicago loves quirky things but mine just wasn't quirky.

Y'all think that's okay? If you'd like to share your UChicago Uncommon essay to help inspire prospective undergrads, then post yours here!--Essay question: [Enter the essay question you answered here] Essay response: [Enter your response here] Decision (optional): [Let us know if you got accepted/waitlisted/rejected through ED1/ED2/EA/RD] 43 comments. I applied in fall 2006 and was admitted early. But I think I used to the prompt creatively. Give yourself enough time to work through drafts and reflect on your writing.
Use them to get inspiration for your own essays and knock the socks off those admissions officers! UChicago Long Essay. The following is a successful example of the University of Chicago's famous supplemental essay (the "uncommon application," as it used to be called) that gained me admission to the University of Chicago in 2010, for the College Class of 2015. These essays tend to not be something you can just ace in one night. share. For many students and alumni, the essay questions help define the College’s wit and sense of intellectual adventure. So I’ve been clearing out some school things and came upon my Uncommon essays from when I applied to UChicago! Top 3 Successful UChicago Essays.

Hello, all. I've been working on UChicago's uncommon essay, and would like to get a second opinion on it. 1. I got into UChicago!

They should accurately represent the "essence" of you that needs to be presented to someone who has never known you personally and has limited information to assess your admissions profile. I thought it might be useful to prospies/hilarious to everyone else to see what an example essay looks like. Uchicago Uncommon Essay.

I did the essay where you had to change one letter of a UChicago major, and basically wrote my essay in the style of a Reddit Copypasta. Now, bear with me. Although I'm a big fan (obviously) of the creative approach I've taken in answering one of the prompts, I'm not really loving it structurally, and there are some instances in … These college essays are from students who got accepted at University of Chicago. That said, anyone who read the essay wouldn't characterize me as 'creative'. The annual release of UChicago’s essay prompts has become an eagerly awaited event — an imaginative exercise that often inspires even more imaginative responses. Post your UChicago Uncommon Essay! It was more academic, like a criticism. save hide report. Essays. share.