I have very low expectations of getting in as the pessimistic side of me keeps me bound to reality but I worked my ass off on my essay to appear that I’m very inclined in science and research there.

UC Berkeley Waitlist So my guys, I have submitted my waitlist to try to land my spot in the college of chem for a chem bs so that I can work my way up into pharmaceutical research. So I dont really have any accomplishments or anything special Ive done since November, so I cant really focus my essay on that type of stuff. 100% Upvoted. I was thinking of just spending half of it on ec updates and the other half on my continued interest. I've been also researching all the programs and opportunities I would love to take advantage of at the school. Posted by 18 days ago. Hello! If they had decided to import the ENTIRE test online (multiples essays, short answers, multiple choice), students would complain about the difficulty and there would likely be even more technical difficulties due to people's internet cutting out across such a long time span. Good luck homie - hope you get in! Lastly, if you're serious about Cal being your #1, end your essay with something like: "If I get accepted to UC Berkeley, I will decline all other offers of admission, and happily enroll at Cal." Tips for UC Berkeley Waitlist Essay. Essays. 3.

I'm going to try and update the school on received awards and activities I've participated in since I submitted my applications!
Some schools are requesting full-on waitlist essays. Essays. I'm trying to write the optional essay to opt-in for the UC Berkeley waitlist and need some help! Any thoughts on how to format this? Cal accepted like 50%-40% of their waitlist last year, so you do have a … I was wondering if talking g about how Ive overcome my severe ADHD and how I could use my experience to help others with ADHD thrive in Berkeley's academic environment would be a good idea. But since the prompt is so vague I actually have no idea how to tackle it :0 . UC BERKELEY WAITLIST ESSAY. This year, University of California at Berkeley has been sending out the following to students on its wait list: “You may utilize this personal essay as an opportunity to share more about yourself with the selection committee. P.S. UC Berkeley Waitlist Essay. Waitlists/Deferrals. This guide shows how to write a UC Davis waitlist essay that gets you in and shows an example of what a successful waitlist essay looks like. share. Essays. UC Berkeley Waitlist Essay. save hide report. Close. Note: You should simply be using this essay example as a guide and inspiration on how to format the content and structure of your waitlist essay. Copying this essay copying this essay would be cheating. 1 comment.