Editor spotlight. CNBC.com covers transportation industry news, including airlines, auto, roads and railways, and updates on freight, trucking, and logistics. The first wheels on carts were created in roughly 3500 B.C., along with river boats driven by oars. Transportation technology is in the midst of a revolution. New technologies are improving the efficiency of existing transportation methods, while new inventions are poised to entirely reshape the way we move.. Five technologies have risen to the forefront of the latest transportation revolution. Value shifts as a new ecosystem of mobility emerges. I would like to see this new technology in viable form within the next five years, and that will require more government investment and creation of model projects in these areas. 3 ways technology will revolutionize transportation in the next decade. How will advances in transportation technologies and shifts in social attitudes shape the future of mobility? Technology Is Changing Transportation, and Cities Should Adapt ... systems is to offer an app-based service for planning and paying for trips that use multiple modes of local transportation.
The global auto industry’s transformation has far-reaching implications for carmakers, energy companies, insurers, health care, government enforcement and funding, and how we move from point A to point B. The term "transportation technology" refers to all advancements since the invention of the wheel. However, technology also extends to the broad set of methods, procedures, and organizational arrangements for delivering transportation facilities and services, as well as to the user applications that a new device or method finds in the marketplace. Transportation policies need to be implemented on a regional basis. However, the invention of rail transport was the turning point for international trade. US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings.
It allowed fast delivery of goods within days or weeks instead of months, as was the case with carriages. Much of the policy innovation for transportation technology happens at the city level, and there are many examples of successful regulations and partnerships across the U.S. Technology has regularly changed transportation by making it quicker and more efficient. Developing alternative energy for transportation, in sum, will stimulate competition among fuels, keep fossil fuel prices at reasonable levels, and slow climate change. These “soft” elements are often key to a technology’s success, or the lack of it. While science and technology is the main theme of this journal, articles submitted for possible publication should also address the impacts of the new science and technology on the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operations of transportation facilities, and … Until roughly the 1600s, there were few major changes in transportation technology, such as … Journal of Advanced Transportation publishes theoretical and innovative papers on analysis, design, operations, optimization and planning of multi-modal transport networks, transit & traffic systems, transport technology and traffic safety. Indeed, the U. S. Department of Transportation estimates that V2V technology may eliminate or reduce the impact of up to 80 percent of crashes involving unimpaired drivers. About this journal.