The affordable luxury brands target young consumers and offer highly fashionable products, characterised by price within a reach of a middle-class income. The luxury goods market is growing and an increasing number of young people seem to be purchasing luxury goods. With the increasing popularity of various social media, luxury brands are adopting this approach as a means of communicating with the consumers, while …

EFO705 - Master Thesis MIMA program - International Marketing Examiner: Ole Liljefors “An Exploratory Study on Young Thai Women Consumer Behavior toward Purchasing Luxury Fashion Brands” By Kamolwan Tovikkai (851125) Wiwatchai Jirawattananukool (841111) Group number 2462 Tutor Konstantin Lampou Date June 2, 2010 Luxury marketing is about selling dreams and aspirations.

But beyond the demographics and the wealth, understanding the personal motives and values of these consumers are equally important.

brands and luxury brands who can benefit from this study.

With anticipated increased budgets in influencer marketing, luxury brands need to remember that high-quality content is the main factor to consider, not necessarily reach.

Luxury marketing is about thinking big. The thesis research focuses on affordable luxury products. When people are out and about they are usually in pursuit of their ideal lifestyle.
Make a big statement. The key to retaining prestige and a sense of luxury within the context of social media will depend on the ability of luxury brands to select the right mix of partnerships in order to create new, intriguing and authentic content. Also Danziger suggests definition, which states that luxury is “that which nobody needs but desires” (Danziger 2005 p. 51). According to Idris M The purpose of this study is to highlight the reasons provided by academic literature and the successful stories of luxury brands with their actual use of internet as … Understanding the luxury consumer behavior is critical for the luxury brands who seek a long term strategy, mentions Euromonitor (2013).

1.6 Purpose distinction.
If you think about it, Outdoor Advertising for luxury brands is perfect. Title of thesis: Localized social media marketing of luxury fashion brands in China: Impact on consumer perceptions Date: 13 April 2017 Degree: Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration Supervisor: Linda Lisa Maria Turunen Objectives The first objective of this study was to examine the main motivations behind An Investigation of Consumer Motives to Purchase Counterfeit Luxury-Branded Products A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree Master of Marketing - Research From University of Wollongong by Mingyuan Lu Bachelor of International Trade (University of International Business and Economics, China)