The Learning Style Inventory (LSI) of Dunn, Dunn, and Price (1992) was administered to 450 sixth and seventh grade students in one urban and two rural schools. The LSI is a self-report instrument which analyzes the conditions under … Therefore, the teaching style of the instructor should match with the student’s learning style. The respondents of this study were selected randomly from College of Business Education of Technological Institute of the Philippines – Quezon City from first year level to fourth year level of the current school year 2006 – 2007. LEARNING STYLES, STUDY HABITS, AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF COLLEGE STUDENTS AT KALINGA-APAYAO STATE COLLEGE, PHILIPPINES Loneza Gas-ib Carbonel* INTRODUCTION In a study done by Graham, Garton, and Gowdy (2001), learning style was reported to be important on how students learn and teachers teach, student-teacher interaction and students’ academic achievement. "In summary, there presently is no empirical justification for tailoring instruction to students’ supposedly different learning styles.

University of the Philippines Open University (PHILIPPINES) Learning style is an important variable in students' academic performance. Educators should instead focus on developing the most effective and coherent ways to present particular bodies of content, which often involve combining different forms of instruction, such as diagrams and words, in mutually reinforcing ways. This study sought to find out. Moreover, further studies should be conducted among the colleges and state universities to develop a diversified learning compendium addressing the needs of the students. This study was delimited to the assessment of the College of Business Education students’ learning styles. Their learning styles should be a guide for diversified teaching methods catering to the needs of the students.