2444 words (10 pages) Essay in Essays. The four main stages of the paper will involve steps in which theorizing occurs, … The theory of self-actualization emerged out of this humanistic perspective. Thus, Socialization: Looking Glass-Self-Theory: Moral Development. 3235 words (13 pages) Essay in Psychology. In this paper, the focus will not be on who Dorothea was, but on the theory of Self Care and how it was formulated explicated in the professional field. Dorothea Orem’s Self Care Theory This paper argue in favor of Dorothea Orem’s Self Care Model because is one of the most essential tools that a nurse can use in eliminating the distance between patient well-being and patient’s health status. Dorothea in her theory opined that people should be responsible or have the ability to engage in taking care of their personal needs and care or self-care. Self Concept And Self Esteem Psychology Essay. Definition of self image:- The way a person feels about his or her personality, achievements and value to society. Essay The Theory Of Self Consciousness Development Self-Consciousness Development It has been mentioned that at the age of two is when prosocial behaviors come into display and a child is forming a … Which are: Self-image . discussion the early humanistic psychologists were able to develop the theory of self-determination, which has provided us with great insight on what drives/motivates us as individuals. Excerpt from Essay : Nursing One mid-range nursing philosophy is that of Barbara Resnick, with her "Middle Range Theory of Self-Efficacy." Absolute perfection is the consummation of Self-knowledge." The Theory Of Self Esteem 760 Words 4 Pages Self-esteem refers to the personal judgment of worthiness that is expressed in the attitude that the individual holds towards himself. Self-determination theory suggests that people are motivated to grow and change by three innate and universal psychological needs. This theory states that 'self-efficacy expectations and outcome expectations are not only influenced by behavior, but also by verbal encouragement, physiological sensations and exposure to role models or self-modeling" (Nurses.info, 2014). Both theories endeavour to explain how self concept is shaped on a personal and a social level. This essay seeks to discuss the influence on modernism of new theories of the self, with reference to The life and Death of Harriet Frean and to relevant works of theory from the period. Total price: The social identity theory provided explanations about the dynamics of intergroup relations and social conflict. It is the purpose of this work to achieve this by conversing on memory, spiritual and physical dualism with final assertions on identity. ... theory of self-care deficit and theory of nursing systems.