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His father was a cloth merchant living in London, both his parents were Catholic. Books 1-4; Books 5-8 ; Books 9-12; Books 13-16; Books 17-20; Books 21-24; Symbols, Allegory and Motifs; Metaphors and Similes; Irony; Imagery; The Fractal …

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In the book Odyssey written by Homer many different themes are used to help show the reader the struggles and conflicts the Odysseus must face on his long journey home.

It encompasses the lives of many characters, including: Athene, the goddess of wisdom, Penelope, wife to Odysseus, and Telemachus, the son of both Odysseus and Penelope. Alexander Pope Essay on Man Alexander Pope Essay on Man Alexander Pope was born May 21, 1688, in London. There are many things you can pick, but not everything is appropriate for a paper.