32 (Hamilton)3 -cited in twenty-five decisions of the Supreme Court.4 Federalist No.

The most plausible of these, who has appeared in print, has even deigned to admit that the election of the President is pretty well guarded. It unites in an eminent degree all the advantages, the union of which was to be wished for. Federalist 32 (Hamilton) in Clinton Rossiter, ed., The Federalist Papers 197 (Mentor Books, 1961). I included a summary of the main points for each Federalist Paper… Students read selected quotes from Federalist #10, 39, 51, and 70, and 78- considered the most important in influencing the passage of our Constitution and defining concepts of our government. The collection was commonly known as The Federalist until the name The Federalist Papers … Start studying Federalist Papers. He refused to sign the Constitution until a Bill of Rights was included.
Federalist No. Wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights which becomes the model for the Bill of Rights. Federalist #39, which is the only one that truly matters with regard to proving the context of the Constitution as being a compact among several sovereign nations-- not a list of guiding principles for people to vote in an elective oligarchy.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Federalist Paper 10 is often thought of as the most important, and most famous, federalist paper. After reading the quotes, students write their interpretation in the column next to it. Anti-Federalist, a Virginian Plantation owner. Written by Madison, it deals with the problem of factions. 1 I venture somewhat further, and hesitate not to affirm, that if the manner of it be not perfect, it is at least excellent. 32 is concerned 3. from fifth to first), the five most heavily cited Federalist Papers in the history of Supreme Court adjudication are: FIFTH.
I find this a good introduction or review of the federalist papers.