The Breakfast Club Analysis. Carton of Cigarettes . Bender was raised in a verbally abusive household resulting in him being more verbally hostile towards the others, specifically Claire. A psychological study that mimics Bender’s character would be ‘The Bobo Doll Experiment’ (Bandura, R.) This experiment showed children imitating actions and behaviors shown in hostile and non-hostile environments. The Breakfast Club – Final Analysis. “The Breakfast Club” Film Review Essay Posted by By Joseph November 29, 2019. The movie is widely held by experts as a classic in the teen film genre and has been influential in youth films that came on its heels. The Breakfast Club. Very few films stand the test of time and hold as much relevance today as they did back then as John Hughes 1985 cult classic “The Breakfast Club”.

The Breakfast Club was released in 1985 and was written and directed by John Hughes. Allison has been proven hard to understand, she squeals, …

So I decided that in honor of the end of another school year, I would write a Character Analysis on a student character in film. "The Breakfast Club" Character Analysis - In the movie The Breakfast Club, five seemingly different adolescents are assigned Saturday detention where they learn that although they each fit a particular stereotype, they all have the same characteristics, but they are expressed differently because they have different experiences, strengths and weaknesses that makes them who they are.

bivinsj on November 7, 2016 November 7, 2016. The story revolves around five teenagers, each representative of the different classes or groups in high school.

Picture Credit. He contrasts them with the harsh reality of Bender-family Christmas presents: BENDER: You know what I got for Christmas this year? In a classic moment—referenced on Community among other shows—Bender complains about Claire's diamond earrings, saying they were probably a gift from her dad. Arguably the most iconic movie of all time, The Breakfast Club features five distinct teenagers; The Criminal – John Bender, The Athlete – Andrew Clarke, The Princess – Claire Standish, The Basket Case – Allison Reynolds, and The Brain – Brian Johnson. Home Plot Context Characters Themes Representations Quotes Study Questions Read Further Allison Reyonlds "The Basket Case" 4/8/2014 0 Comments Character Construction Through the use of character conventions we are shown how Allison is constructed as the character that is labelled the Basket Case.