The purpose of this paper is to discuss gaps and key challenges facing higher education in Thailand with reference to the implementation of the policy of Thailand 4.0 adopted by the Royal Thai Government.,In-depth interviews were conducted with Thai Government officials, university administrators and faculty members to formulate the concept of a creative society in Thailand. p66-76 Yuvares Ludpa.indd 66 9/8/2559 BE 12:32 Access to education in Thailand has risen consistently over the past two decades. THAILAND could have a Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation before the end of April. When compared to people in neighboring countries, Thais’ English proficiency is relatively low. Below are 10 facts about education in Thailand, including recent efforts to revitalize the system. Need someone to talk to? Keywords: Corruption, Thai education system, Thai societies, corrupt behavior. Through interviews and questionnaires, it was found that many high school students study in 1.1 English Education Failure in Thailand Thai students spend twelve years studying English in primary and secondary schools, but the results are questionable. This article replaces an older version by Nick Clark.
This education profile describes recent trends in Thai education and student mobility, and provides an overview of the structure of the education system of Thailand.

All Thai children are guaranteed an education under the 1999 Education Act, and children of other nationalities living in Thailand gained the same right in 2005. Education System in Thailand: A Terrible Failure in S.E. Thailand’s economy and education system are currently affected by political instability and a rapidly aging populace. AsiaThe Thai Education System is One of the Worst in S.E. against corruption. This case study investigates the attitude about studying English in tutorial schools in Thailand, and factors facilitating studying in those tutorial schools. Therefore, the researcher interest studies on cause and solving solution corruption in Thai Education System in order to approach solving the corruption in Thai Education System. An education system in which the majority of students fail to reach the national standards as prescribed by the Ministry of Education is a failing system in need of substantial reconstruction.

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