Tablets, smartboards, and other technologies continue to make their way into the classroom as learning tools for students. We Investigate the Pros and Cons of a Popular Debate. Some people view this way of First of all, those who oppose this idea believe that a tablet is more expensive than a print text book. As technology expands into schools, one debate that you see in the news is whether students should use tablets instead of textbooks. Children and Teens often use the internet and technology to do their homework and to stay connected to each other out of school. Should Tablets replace textbooks in schools? The debate between “textbooks vs computers” has been going on for a long time and with more technology in the classroom than ever, that debate won’t end anytime soon. But as digital content expands, a new kind of 'textbook' is improving the quality of K-12 instruction. If a school bought tablets instead of the several textbooks they buy each year, they could save themselves several thousand dollars in the long run. Many places have started making the switch to tablets for educational uses. Easily updated, always current, and wonderfully inexpensive, these e-textbooks would replace the clunky old forest-killing paper texts. Tablets can be beneficial to the environment, they save information from hundreds of textbooks, which can save a lot of paper. However, some people oppose this dea because, tablets are more expensive than print text books, they are dangerous to our kids health, and the tablets may be difficult to use for some students. Digital textbooks might be less cumbersome.

Tablets vs. Textbooks.

Why E-Textbooks Haven't Taken Over Schools.

As a student myself, I disapprove with this attempt to modernize our classroom.

Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K – 12 Schools?

But a new series of studies finds that reading from screens can hamper our ability to process and retain information. ... tablets and e-readers. Textbooks were once a major piece of educational infrastructure. With tablets and iPads becoming more and more popular and easy to acquire, some school officials are trying to replace textbooks with the digital version, on tablets.