The thesis focuses on theraputic effects of nature on everyday life of humans while raising the issue of protecting nature from the harmful impact of this human life. This project reacts to the existing model for urban living where the production, treatment, and distribution of water is separate from daily life.

Density, Metamorphosis and Symbiotic Architecture . The separation is often because of great distance, for the water footprint of cities extends over a large area. Through a symbiotic agency, can architecture facilitate a mutualism between parasite and host? Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. February 9, 2014 Dustin Sauder. This thesis hopes to reconcile the unbalanced relationship that exists by providing a series of interventions that prove more sustainable over time and are aimed at encouraging an independent livelihood. Dec 23, 2013 - SYMBIOTIC REVITALIZATION - An Architectural Thesis by Matthew Evans, via Behance. 3. "The symbiotic relationship between architecture and memory is forged in each one's appropriation of the other to make connection in space and time; the fragmentation between present and past disappears as one place, through imagery, unites with another. Architecture is not built form devoid of its presence of nature. Architecture of any place can transform it to such an extent that by carefully incorporating symbolism the designer can make its users feel nostalgic, romantic or even take them up to exalted spiritual levels. Symbiotic Architecture for building and urban rehabilitation 1037 E Zamperini & S Lucenti Comparative study on preservation and reuse of historical buildings between C hina and Japan: a

Density, Metamorphosis and Symbiotic Architecture Project 1: House as Thesis Follow-Up. A mutualistic architecture is, by its very definition, an inclusive discipline that allows for diversity and integration. Dec 23, 2013 - SYMBIOTIC REVITALIZATION - An Architectural Thesis by Matthew Evans, via Behance. Symbiotic architecture means organizing the relationship between individual, habitat and nature or environment, such as a system of rules and parameters which react with each other, the … Symbiotic Infrastructure is a working landscape where people can engage with the water process. Stay safe and healthy. Analysis: After presenting on February 6th, 2013, the following discussion revealed strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for development within the project. In a symbiotic architecture, the built environment and the non man-made world exist in harmony within an architectural design. Hypothesis- Architecture as the only means of symbiosis between Man and Nature. Check out our resources for adapting to these times. This includes the following: Strengths: The first … For my teachers, my blood, my love and kindred spirits.