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Step 14: Fold the left and right triangle corners to the top point.

It's really really good it go's so fast and lands really well.

0. scooty123. 0. People also love these ideas. Step 15: Fold the enter top of the triangle down to where the top point meets the bottom of the triangle. Step 16: Turn the paper over.

That looks cool!

Find Body Parts Games for Kids with 1 hour Fun Board Games to Play!!!! (Favorited!) I'm going to make the Swashbuckler paper airplane, again, using this idea.

Annette Barney Origami.

Swashbuckler Paper Airplane. Christmas Gift You Can … 6 years ago on Introduction. Airplane Design How To Make Paper Airplanes Origami Triangle Things To Come Space Cool Stuff Floor Space. Step 17: Fold the left half to the right. Saved by Chris Newell.

Airplane Design How To Make Paper Airplanes Origami Jet Crafting Horse Cool Stuff Cool Things.

Make a paper airplane. Paper Plane- the Swashbuckler : Hi, on this tutorial ill show how to make an amazing paper airplane that fly a lot of time and stay a lot of time in the air,Its called "The swashbuckler". Swashbuckler Paper Airplane Page 2. 7 years ago on Step 9.

Step 18: Fold the wings while making sure the two corners (indicated by the two black arrows) come together.

- Duration: 1:06:49. How to Make Paper Airplanes .

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