If he never directed another film, his place in movie history would be secure. Steven Spielberg is both a phenomenon and a film director. The result is as rich and intriguing as the meeting of Elliott and E.T. We know the Spielberg films, or we think we do, until they come under the cool yet warming gaze of Ms. Haskell.

Steven Spielberg celebrates his 50th birthday today. More than just a blog, it aims to get to grips with Spielberg’s films on a deeper level, analysing themes, tropes and motifs that the director repeatedly explores.

"Steven Spielberg and Molly Haskell—the great producer-director of modern film and one of the most intelligent and sensitive film writers we have ever had. He is without comparison in American film history, combining a feeling for audience and genres that resembles the moguls of the classic period, such as Zanuck and Selznick, with an attention to craft as formidable as Ford and Hawks. Established in 2011, From Director Steven Spielberg is an unofficial online resource focused on the work and career of Steven Spielberg. It is likely that when all of the movies of the 20th century are seen at a great distance in the future - as if through the wrong end of a telescope - his best will be in the handful that endure and are remembered.