Therefore apart from the soil’s resistivity, a knowledge of the soil’s pH, a measure of the soil’s acidity or alkalinity also becomes necessary in earthing system design. To achieve sustainable development, soil protection must be balanced with the other needs of society, the economy and other parts of the environment and planning should be central to preserving the diversity of soils and the services they provide. Soil Bulk Density as related to Soil Texture, Organic Matter Content and available total Nutrients of Coimbatore Soil Pravin R. Chaudhari *, Dodha V. Ahire , Vidya D. Ahire*, Manab Chkravarty** and Saroj Maity** *Microwave Research Laboratory, Z. Types of paper 1. Salinization, or development of salt affected soils, is one ofthe processes of soil degradation leading to land desertification.The salt accumulation may lead to apartial or completeloss ofthe soil capacity to providethe required amountsofwaterto plants, changingfertile lands to "deserts".Frequently, the salinization processes creates aprac- to the writing of this paper. The present research was conducted to study heavy metal contamination in agricultural soils around Teheran, Iran and Pune, India. Agricultural soil samples were collected from six sites from above locations. Soil plays a vital role in the field of agriculture. soil, climate, or topographic effects, soil deformation processes, tillage tools, traction devices, energy requirements, economics, surface and subsurface water quality effects, tillage effects on weed, pest and disease control, and their interactions. Technical Research Paper on soils. Electrical resistivity is influenced by factors such as soil composition, moisture content, pore- water chemistry, presence of organic materials and chiefly soil pH. The amount of nutrients available to the roots of the plant is the main factor limiting the yield of crops. Top soil samples (0-10 cm) were collected and analysed for eight heavy metals like cadmium,

B. Patil College, Dhule - 424002, India **Space Application Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad –380015, India My sincere thanks also goes to the seventeen members of my graduate committee for their patience and understanding during the nine years of effort that went into the production of this paper. Original research papers (Regular Papers) 2. Review articles 3. (Published by Research Trend, Website: ABSTRACT: This paper focuses on analysing the content of micro nutrient and macro nutrient present in soil.