Patel will organize an internal review, develop a selection time schedule and coordinate the submission slot assignment process. Fir is a forum for discussion between the faculties and other relevant functions, such as the library and the Division of IT, and supports the vice-chancellor on university-wide issues related to research infrastructure.
Contact: SCAW . Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare. Contact Point for slughter SLU has a coordinator and a council for matters concerning research animals.

Visitng address: Ulls väg 26, plan 5 (VHC-huset), Uppsala.Postal address: Box 7053, 750 07 Uppsala.

The Scientific Council for Animal Welfare It is an education with courses and various other educational activities, but most of the time is devoted to research work. To gain a submission slot, you must contact Jasmin Patel, assistant vice president for Research Strategy, at SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, has its main locations in Alnarp, Uppsala and Umeå. Contact Point for PARERE These funds have been made available since 2009 to support research and scholarly activity. Madrid has a great variety of different types of libraries, the majority of which are open to the public, thus providing a rich resource for investigative purposes for both students and other academic researchers. SLU’s doctoral programmes offer the opportunity to pursue a research degree in an environment that nurtures and promotes the development of independent research skills in students. About the research opportunities offered through SLU School of Medicine’s Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. SLU has extensive research infrastructure and it is important that it is widely used, efficiently managed and well coordinated. Contact:; President’s Research Fund.

SLU is certified to the ISO 14001 environmental standard. The President’s Research Fund supports promising projects that have strong potential to attract external funding. Animals in research and education All use of living animals for scientific or educational purposes must be preceded by an animal testing ethics review and all staff working with the animals must have proper training.

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