Form, structure and language Form. Simon Armitage was born in 1963 in the village of Marsden and lives in West Yorkshire.

He is a graduate of Portsmouth University, where he studied Geography. Poem coincided with increased awareness of PTSD amongst the military, and aroused sympathy amongst the public – many of whom were opposed to the war. Simon Armitage is a famous UK poet who is known for being very direct in his work. His recent poems have looked at the experiences of war and soldiers. Simon Armitage’s poetry is known for its colloquial style, strong rhythms and voice.

Armitage suffered from PTSD (shell shock), and this poem was one out of a series about it.

As a post-graduate student at Manchester University, his MA thesis concerned the effects of television violence on young offenders.

The poem presents itself as a first-person account of an émigrée’s relationship with her homeland. He deals with personal relationships, often drawing on his own life experience. Browse our excellent range of poetry books, including classic poetry, at, with FREE click & collect or home delivery on orders over £20.

To discover more of Simon Armitage’s poetry, we recommend getting hold of the excellent Paper Aeroplane: Selected Poems 1989-2014.

Until 1994 he worked as a Probation Officer in Greater Manchester. Simon Armitage. ‘Paper Aeroplane’ by Simon Armitage, published by Faber & Faber West Yorkshire poet Simon Armitage was appointed as the UK’s 21st poet laureate in May last year. As with several other poems on this list, Armitage exploits the potential of a simple word – here, ‘change’ – to carry multiple connotations, suggesting not only loose money but also social change.