Once your body acclimates to the inclusion of red peppers in your diet, this side effect may cease or decrease.

Although this side effect does not classify as serious, it can cause discomfort for a few days. Even if you do not eat hot peppers, you can experience a side effect from handling them. Are ... hi i am 37weeks pregnant n i eat paper will it effect on my unborn baby n how can i get ride this bad habit MD. This article discusses many of these side effects, as well as potential risk factors involved when using cayenne pepper whether in powder or cream form. The toilet paper is not toxic but a preference for eating paper is anomalous and it is a eating disorder, a psychiatric problem. Capsaicin, the main flavor-giving compound in hot chili peppers is a source of both wonderful health benefits and unpleasant side effects. What are the side effects of eating paper? Skin Rash. i always made sure not to eat the ink, as i didnt like the taste. Aside from the cayenne pepper's heat, there are other more serious side effects from this incredibly spicy pepper. It could be harmful, not necessarily the paper itself which is essentially plant material, but what's added to paper to improve it's quality, printing capability, colour etc..that is the other ingredients like clay, talc, alum, rosin etc. Are there any harmful effects from eating paper? But it may cause bowels obstruction and surgery might be necessary to fix it. Inhalants are volatile substances, which produce chemical vapors that can be inhaled to induce a psycho-active or mind altering effect. Adele eats couches cushions and all. Eating paper wont cause any harm to your baby. Xylophagia is a condition involving the consumption of paper and form of eating disorder known as pica. Asked in Science What are the side affects of eating toilet paper ? MD. Pica is an unusual craving for ingestion of either edible or inedible substances. if you eat toilet paper it will do nothing to you but do not eat toilet paper. Despite its beneficial action on cardiovascular health, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, capsaicin has other less desirable health effects for gastritis, acid reflux, hemorrhoids and most digestive disorders. It's like eating paper- it's not good for you, but you won't die. my father insists i stop, and told me to look up the effects. The toilet paper is not toxic but a preference for eating paper is anomalous and it is a eating disorder, a psychiatric problem. i have a habit of chewing tissue and toilet paper, and for years when i was younger i ruined books by ripping bits off the sides and eating them. Non mush side effects are to be expected.