Essay Animal Cruelty Should Not Be Banned never know what it is like to live freely in the wild as they were made to do when they were created. Pros and cons of zoos These are the most common arguments in favor and against zoos. Animal rights activists have always insisted that zoos should be banned. Should the future of educating the public about exotic animals be in sanctuaries and virtual zoos, not places where animals are kept in cages?

and other animal facilities (like SeaWorld) are cruel. Lauren Bernhard Period 7 2/13/13 Have you ever thought of the animals behind the glass?

Zoos should not exists because they don’t meet the physical and emotional needs of animals, Zoos take animals from their natural habitat and they are not treated right and Zoos are not able to protect the animals in extreme The high-profile death of the gorilla Harambe, who was shot dead in 2016 at the Cincinnati Zoo after a young boy fell into his enclosure, sparked a massive outcry—and … Pros and cons of zoos BY Mil-Pratt Below is a free essay on ‘Pros and Cons Of Zoos” from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Should zoos be booed? Sample essay There are several arguments against confining animals to cages and other small enclosures just for the sake of keeping human visitors entertained.

Some do.Though it is not a main debate now, groups like PETA are arguing that zoos and other animal facilities (like SeaWorld) are cruel.

Students look hard at the research and decide if zoos are harmful or helpful to endangered animals. Plan your 60-minute lesson in English / Language Arts or Writing with helpful tips from Tiffany Rose Animals are not meant to live in confined areas yet that is exactly what zoos are doing.