Constitutions should be changed as often as their subjects want to change them, to bring about the results they want for their political community. Constitutional Amendment Essay 1170 Words | 5 Pages.

The framers of our Constitution knew that time has a way of changing countries and their citizens. How should we as a nation change the constitution? Over at Law and Liberty, federalism expert Michael Greve proposes two constitutional amendments aimed at reining in out-of-control government in a firm but not-too-rigid way. If so, how? Amending Justice Stevens: How and Why We Shouldn't Change the Constitution Like This Ilya Shapiro Former Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Our country was in a whirlwind of change in 1789 as people were experiencing freedom from the tyranny of England for the first time in their lives. procedures must be taken. Should the Constitution Be Amended? Our Constitution and Bill of Rights is no different, but in the United States we have a process for changing the constitution through the amendment process which is intentionally difficult. Our country was being molded and formed into a great nation by the founding fathers. Even asking the question gets angry and outraged responses.
Several major conservative thinkers suggested that the Constitution does not need to be changed, but rather to have its principle of limited government guide both Congress and the president.

In writing this paper, argue if the Constitution should be changed to address our current complex societal issues or should it be kept in its same form with the same amendment process. Article V of the US Constitution provides Americans celebrating the 230 th Anniversary of the signing of the Constitution with the very solution desired by those who believe there are Constitutional issues to address—the amendment process. When either Congress (which takes a two-thirds majority vote in both the Senate and the House of Representatives), or a constitutional convention (which takes two-thirds of the State legislatures) want to propose an amendment, they give it to the National Archives and Records Administration.