Volunteering is one of those events.

Should Volunteering be Mandatory in High School? School is not meant for community service.

It isn’t hard to donate a little more than an hour each year.

904 Words 4 Pages. And it’s also a great thing that Venice High School encourages students to participate in community service, but it should not be mandatory. Read More.

Secondly, a high school education provides a person with the knowledge and fundamental skills needed to get a job as an adult; therefore, it should be made mandatory. Mandatory volunteering should not be used in high school by Akeek No one should have to do mandatory volunteering at high school. Five hours in four years of high school equates to an hour and 15 minutes worth of work each year. Take, for example, a gas-station attendant. Not all students are meant to be athletes. Or does it just add more stress to a student's already hectic schedules? James H. Hunderfund, the Commack superintendent said, ' 'The value of altruism is something we want in our value system. While this may be true, many other experiences are educational yet should not be mandatory for high school students. Most people have, at one point or another, considered what they were going to do with their lives. Does volunteering benefit high school students and build their leadership skills? Mandatory volunteering should be instituted as part of the high school curriculum to encourage students to learn how satisfying it can be to serve your community.

However, should not be limited to the classroom and that community service is a learning experience. Students shouldn't have to do mandatory volunteering because firstly students should focus on their learning instead of volunteering.

Military Service Should Be Mandatory Essay; Military Service Should Be Mandatory Essay . High school students partake in mandatory community service. by Tony Many high school students suffer through severe stress from difficult exams and piles of homework. Teen Volunteering Character 1467 Words | 6 Pages . This forced volunteer work may not sound appealing to some, but think about what it entails. This pales in comparison to the time teens spend watching TV which, according to Nielsen, a global leader in measurement and information of consumerization, … Because of this, volunteering s… Become a member to have access to all essays and writing prompts Learn more about site membership. To survive in America as an adult, one needs a decent-paying job – and to get a job that pays even the minimum wage, a person generally needs a high school diploma. Whether a person would like to become an activist, an artisan or a business professional, the military has something for everyone. For example; sports. Secondly volunteering m… Become a member to have access to all essays and writing prompts Learn more about site membership.

They have no time for extra events to get in the way. Some school districts are starting to require community service as a requirement for graduation. MiguelAngel Ybarra Ms. Burris Senior Finale October 9th, 2017 Teen Volunteering Builds Character It’s one thing to have chores when a certain task is assigned on a certain day, such as, washing dishes, or cleaning the restroom.