Mega-Value 36 Combo Sheet Scratch Paper Art Kit for Kids. Define scratch paper. So, using scratch papers during practice tests will only help you during the real exam. Exposure to art helps kids grow and develop. No notebooks, please! Variety of Vibrant Patterns – Colorful selection of Rainbow, Holographic, Silver, Gold, Pink, Blue and Space patterned notes; Easy to Use – Simply scratch the 3.5x3.5" sheets and let your imagination do the rest; Scratching Supplies Inside – With 2 Scratchers and 2 Sharpeners included, you’ll have everything you need to scratch with ease scratch paper synonyms, scratch paper pronunciation, scratch paper translation, English dictionary definition of scratch paper. 2. STYLISH DESIGN - This set of 150 scratch paper notes is as cute as it is fun, with shiny and eye-catching notecards and a rainbow design desktop dispenser that has a convenient holder for a stylus HIGH QUALITY - This is not flimsy notepad style scratch drawing paper but super thick and high quality card stock material measuring 3.5 x 3.5 inches; rainbow drop scratch paper is unlined for versatility The pencil is mightier than the pen Usually these notes are informal and unorganized, and the writer often discards it after a short time.

In many cases, scratch paper is paper that someone already partially used. Encouraging little hands to create masterpieces to hang on the fridge door, their wall or the classroom wall has immediate benefits: increased self-confidence, plus kids learn to express themselves creatively, they develop their fine motor skills, perseverance and focus. Some other important Scratch paper tips: 1. The phrase scratch paper describes paper that someone is using to take personal notes on. While practicing, use scratch papers only. Some students have the habit of using notebooks as scratch papers, but it is best to replicate the test environment as much as possible.