Scope of Marketing Research: The scope of marketing research stretches from the identification of consumer wants and needs to the evaluation of consumer satisfaction. A clear view of the scope marketing research may be obtained by the following … The limitations or disadvantages of marketing research are as follows: Marketing research (MR) is a costly affair.

Following are the main limitations of Marketing Research: Marketing Research (MR) is not an exact science though it uses the techniques of science. Primary research limitations include: The quality of research is determined by the people you talk to. Scope of marketing research means the possible applications of marketing research in corporate environment. Besides, marketing research is carried out to assess the impact of past marketing actions. It comprises of research relating to consumers, products, sales, distribution, advertising, pricing and sales forecasting. The results of MR are very vague as MR is carried out on consumers, suppliers, intermediaries, etc. Scope of Marketing Research. Primary Market Research Limitations.

Thus, the results and conclusions drawn upon by using MR are not very accurate.

It is also lengthy and time-consuming. It has a limited scope. It can't predict consumer behavior. Consumer opinion is affected by a range of things including age, experience, background, income, status, social class and … Marketing research can be successfully applied to do the research under the following areas: Analysis of the market size according to age, sex, income, and standard of living of the customers; To know about prospective customers. It has a limited practical value. Some research is done to understand the competitive, technological, social, … Primary research is research collected directly from the research subject during activities such as observations, focus groups and interviews. Meaning and Scope of Marketing Research According to American Marketing Association, “Marketing Research is the function that links the consumer, customer and public to the marketer through information-information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems, generate, refine and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and … 2. To get a knowledge of competitors’ share in the market. Bulk of research is done to measure consumer needs and wants. Marketing Research: Scope, Advantage and Limitations! who are humans. It can't give 100% …