The Kolb Experiential Learning theory (1984) drives a huge component of my personal instructional ideas. Experiential Learning Essay - The answer to what makes the most effective learning method has evolved over time, with the concept being used in a variety of different settings. Essay Experiential Learning And Learning Theory. the most important tasks of developing training with most beneficial results is to ensure that students retain the necessary knowledge and skills they will need to succeed. Learning is best defined as the process of obtaining new information and knowledge through the means of study, or more importantly through the means of experience. Experiential learning as a creative approach to the modern curriculum is an... Experiential Learning : Learning And Learning Essay. He believes that Experiential Learning is equivalent to personal change and growth. They learn from feelings, their senses, and reality. There are also people who perceive, grasp new information through abstract conceptualization. Experiential Learning Essay Samples Importance Of Experiential Learning. Experiential Learning allows students to learn hands on by trying the skills they are being taught in real life scenarios. According to Kolb (1984), a person learns through experience and discovery. When grasping experience some people learn from concrete experience. He feels the all humans have a natural tendency to learn.

The Experiential Learning theory originates from his views about psychotherapy and humanistic approach to psychology. The experiential learning model is a continuous cycle for learning, and is based on the learner and their learning situation.