development is closely related to cognitive development which is the basis of moral development. Development of children's moral competence was in the focus of our attention.

JSTOR is an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to and preserving a digital archive of scholarly journals. Therefore moral development cannot exceed cognitive d, e-velopment level; 2) one’s morality develops in stages and childrens moral jud’ g-ment develops in stages as well; 3) the stages of moral development are irreversi-ble; 4) the essential motivation of moral development lies in pursuit of … For more information regarding JSTOR, please contact More than 650 children aged from 7 to 8 … Understanding the acquisition of morality also includes investigating the roles of prosocial behavior, emotions, beliefs, and intentionality to explain how morality is acquired in development, and to provide a full picture of moral development. The field of moral development is broad, focusing on the roles of peers, authority figures, and culture as important influences; conscience and values as self-regulatory … The characteristics of the stages of moral development in the present paper are elaborated with special reference to psychological needs, altruism and human relationships, and justice reasoning. Moral development in childhood can be regarded as one of the central aspects of socialization.

School education plays an important role in acquisition of moral norms.