His role was as a warrior, and like the samurai in some cases he was little more than a thug rewarded for his viciousness. Samurai vs. Knights created during political crisis to maintain peace and order. Samurai and Knights For six centuries the medieval knight dominated the battlefield and influenced the Western world greatly. They were hired to protect land and the people. The Samurai fought for their lord for money while the European Knights fought for their lord for land.

The armored, mounted warrior, born in Middle Ages, revolutionized warfare and became the foundation of the new political structure known as feudalism. Ironically, the Samurai's and the Knights came from noble families, since horses, armor, and weapons were costly and their use required long training. The Knights duty was very much similar like the Samurai's. The Japanese were talented with their archery along with their swords which they moved around a lot during fights, forcing them to wear light iron and leather armor. They both learned some sort of sword fighting, Japan with bamboo and Europe with wooden swords. They stood at the top of the social hierarchy and had many privileges. The samurai and the knight had his origins in military and economic need.

But if a knight was to succeed, he had to take his role in the military seriously. Samurai And Knights Essay Samurai vs Knight words – 7 pages prestige of imperial descent. Knights vs Samurai essay From researching about knights and samurai, I believe that in a battle between a knight and samurai, the knight would have a greater chance in winning. Essay on The Life of Samurai ...The samurai were fearless warrior, who became powerful in Japan around the 1200s. Although they belonged in different societies and they had … The samurai , which means "those who serve," were hired by lords to fight their wars and protect their land. Correspondingly, there were warriors that enforced this system which were the knights of feudal Europe and samurai of Japan. Many came directly from Buddhist beliefs including kindness and education.