100 Technology Paper Topics for Research Papers. Research projects involving the collection, management, analysis, and visualization of big data have ample opportunities for participation by students in the Data Science program for their capstone project. Related: Why Big Data is in Trouble: They Forgot About Applied Statistics; Big Data, Bible Codes, and Bonferroni; 15 Mathematics MOOCs for Data Science = He's the founder of Data Cowboys, and lives in Seattle. During Data Science courses, students learn how to collect and store vast amounts of data and how to organise them in an efficient way that allows easy access and analysis of the information.

Visit one of the following for examples of current research in each area: Projects related to Algorithmics; Projects related to Infrastructure

Data Science Topics This page contains most of the topics I've covered in a self-set curriculum as I study the field of data science (with a strong focus on machine learning). Interest for “data science” term since December 2013 (source: Google Trends) The interest is not bad at all! While both the ideas are good at their own place, which one shall I choose keeping in mind that I want to find a job in this field after the master's degree. Bullets without a link are topics that I plan to get to, but will not post an article on in the immediate future.

Original. You also discover how to assess data quality, determine when something goes wrong and use debugging information to prevent it from happening again. Reposted with permission. Topic for the Essay: “Open Data Challenges to Address Global and Societal Issues” Participants interested in disseminating information on research data in the sciences, humanities and the arts using essays as the medium are welcome to apply.

Microsoft Research provides a continuously refreshed collection of free datasets, tools, and resources designed to advance academic research in many areas of computer science, such as natural language processing and computer vision. Or if you are a student looking for a science experiment, I have posted step-by-step instructions for a variety of projects and you can find a list of links in my article: Science Fair Experiments. I am an MSc Data Analytics student, who is looking for a research project for the final year thesis. Access these datasets at https://msropendata.com. 150 Science Essay Topic Ideas. I have two ideas in mind, one idea is in line with the prediction of a natural disaster, another one is in line with the e-commerce sector. Bio: Sergey Feldman is a machine learning and data science consultant. Topics might include but not limited to human health, climate change, resilience, etc. I keep making my stand that data science is not a buzzword.